Fix Your Android’s Crappy GPS

is an issue that has plagued Android users for a moment, keeping in mind the
underlying driver can change from individual to individual and gadget to
gadget, there are generally a couple of things you can do help solve the issue.
This is what you ought to attempt.

Fix Your Android's Crappy GPS

You’re Using Assisted GPS

you do whatever else, you ought to ensure your GPS has all the help it can get.
Android phones utilize what’s called Assisted GPS, or AGPS, to decide your
area. AGPS utilizes GPS satellites, as well as close-by cell towers and Wi-Fi
systems to bolt onto your phone, & you need to ensure you have this
component empowered. To do as such, go to Settings > Location and Security
and ensure both ‘Use Wireless Networks’ & 
‘Utilize GPS Satellites’ are checked. As a matter of course, your
telephone just uses GPS satellites, so including remote systems ought to help a
considerable amount.

Reset Your
Assisted GPS Data with GPS Status and Toolbox

AGPS, obviously, can’t generally settle everything. Truth be told, at times
your AGPS will continue attempting to utilize satellites or towers that aren’t
adjacent, which makes it difficult to get a lock. In case despite everything
you’re experiencing difficulty, head to the Android Market and download GPS
Status and Toolbox. Basically, this application gives you a chance to flush and
re-download your AGPS information, which can help re-gain the right satellites.
Once you’ve downloaded the application, this is what you have to do:
GPS Status and Toolbox. You’ll see a compass and some different details. Hit
the menu catch for more choices.
you have a dynamic information association &  go to ‘Deal with A-GPS State’. At that point,
tap the “Download” catch in the menu that appears. When it’s set,
leave the application.
retreat to Google Maps (or whatever application you use to explore) and attempt
to get a lock. You ought to observe that it’s much faster than some time
one drawback to this technique is that it isn’t as a matter of course a
perpetual fix. You may need to do this again sometimes to get the GPS bolting
rapidly once more, yet it’s a little cost to pay to have the capacity to
explore once more.

Streak a
Custom ROM or Radio

conclusion, in the event that you’ve established your telephone, you can take a
stab at blazing another ROM or radio, which could give your GPS an additionally
enduring fix. We’ve demonstrated to you best practices to streak a custom ROM
some time recently, so I won’t get into it here. Simply realize that it can
here and there make your GPS more reliable.
better, however, is glimmering another radio. It works simply like blazing
another ROM, however it can be somewhat more dangerous. It likewise changes
from gadget to gadget, so we can’t give particular directions or connections
here, yet we suggest looking around discussions like XDA Developers to check
whether there are some other radios out for your gadget (if there are a
particularly intended to settle GPS issues, that is surprisingly better. My HTC
Thunderbolt, for instance, had a couple of different radios accessible, and
blazing one of them settled a ton of my GPS issues. Simply ensure you get one
that has been given the blessing by the group, since glimmering another radio
can bring about a wide range of issues on the off chance that they’re untested.
are different strategies for altering your GPS (like this design change in
CyanogenMod), yet generally the above traps are simple and ought to work
exceptionally well. Keep in mind that if your telephone ever returns to its
old, finicky ways, have a go at rerunning GPS Status and Toolbox, as its truly
solid at rapidly getting a lock.

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