How to uninstall a software application from Mac OS X

the easy method to uninstall or delete a software or application from Mac.
case you’re perusing this page about how to uninstall an application from your
Mac, odds are you posed a question about how to uninstall an application in
Apple Mac OS X since you’re maybe more familiar with utilizing a PC running
Microsoft Windows.
How to uninstall a software application from Mac OS X

Windows, programs must be installed with uncommon installer wizards, and all
the more applicably should be uprooted by the same sort of mechanisms.
housekeeping from Microsoft at first let software designers install numerous
divided bits of their program wherever they preferred over the C: boot drive.
Beside the issues for system security this can make, it additionally makes
uninstalling executable programs in Windows an errand that can just regularly
be attempted via mechanized programs.

Instructions to uninstall a software application from Mac OS X:
Locate program in Applications folder

OS X, things are somewhat different. After Apple received NeXT OS and launched
Mac OS X in 2001, it additionally kept up the UNIX method for isolating system
documents from a client’s working space.
projects are ordinarily put away in the/Applications directory, and a user’s
preferences for how that application might be designed are put away in ~/Library/Preferences.
there might be some fundamental supporting documents put away in ~/Library/Application Support
and/Library/Application Support
applications themselves that live in the Applications folder (in spite of the
fact that they can be put away elsewhere…) are really packages of numerous
documents all bundled together. To the extent the client is concerned, you
simply need to double tap on an application’s symbol – or click once for an
alternate way that is held in the Dock – and the application will dispatch,
utilizing every one of the assets it needs to be put away in the application
bundle and somewhere else.
means, to uninstall an application in OS X, you require just drag the
application to the receptacle (‘Trash’ in Apple’s unchangeable US English).
There is no unequivocal need to do whatever else, by and large in any case.
Locate program in Applications folder

the event that you don’t run the Mac with a chairman account, you will likewise
be requested an admin secret word so as to erase an application.

Step by step instructions to uninstall a software application from
Mac OS X: Delete preferences

you could delete the application’s inclinations from your Library envelope (now
covered up as a matter of course in OS X 10.6 onwards, however, tap on Go from
the Finder’s top menu with the Option key held down to immediately uncover it).
Same for supporting records in the Application Support directories.

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Step by step
instructions to uninstall a product application from Mac OS X: Difficult

any case, there are a few applications which don’t play so pleasantly by these
tenets. Samples we’ve seen incorporate Adobe & Microsoft app for  Mac.
last maverick application that guarantees to tidy up your Mac and make it
perform quicker makes a special effort to install records in hard to-erase
places. Additionally, in this case, the supplied Uninstaller application won’t
as a matter, of course, evacuate all the undesirable muck subsequent to
uninstalling the application.
should be careful here for unforeseen dispatch daemons (‘launchd’ records) that
permit concealed applications to consequently dispatch at boot.
Mac clients can utilize the charge line to search out and remove
undesirable parts. A marginally less risky path is with a graphical record
discovered, for example, the superb Find Any File, which will discover all the
shrouded documents that Apple hides in typical Spotlight seeks. In any case, it
should in any case just utilized with the alert as it is conceivable to erase
crucial system documents. As a rule, be careful about erasing anything from
your Mac that obliges you to sort in a manager secret key.

The most effective method to uninstall a software application from
Mac OS X: Shareware options

last, there are shareware utilities that guarantee to do all the diligent work
of finding errant application documents and erase them for you.

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