How to Use Find My Friends on a Mac

My Friends is accessible as a gadget on the Mac inside Notification Center,
permitting users to see a list and area of their loved ones who have imparted
their area to them. This has numerous useful applications, yet folks, dear
companions, and partners will probably observe it be generally helpful.

How to Use Find My Friends on a Mac

area highlight requires a cutting edge adaptation of Mac OS X to have
accessible, you’ll need at any rate OS X 10.11.x or later to be running on the
Mac, and you’ll clearly require a companion or two to be offering their area to
you through the Find My Friends application on an iOS gadget, or on the off
chance that they imparted their area to you from the Messages application on
iPhone or iPad or Maps on a Mac.

The most
effective method to Enable and Use the Find My Friends Widget in Mac OS X

initially need to enable the gadget, then make sure a companion or relative is
utilizing Find My Friends as a part of iOS or sharing their area effectively to
have names populate in the rundown on the Mac. Here’s the way it works:
One: Click the
Notification Center symbol in the upper right corner of the Mac menu bar, then
tap on the “Today” see
Two: Click on
the “Edit” button at the
base of Notification Center
How to Use Find My Friends on a Mac

Three: Find “Find My Friends” and click
the green (+) include button nearby the gadget name
How to Use Find My Friends on a Mac

Four: Snap to “Allow” the application to
utilize your area administrations, then tap on “Done”
How to Use Find My Friends on a Mac

Five: Hold up a
minute or two and the name of loved ones offering their area to you will
populate in the Find My Friends gadget on the Mac, tapping on a person name
will uncover a guide with their present area.
How to Use Find My Friends on a Mac

the off chance that you need to give this a shot with a companion or relative,
first enact the gadget, then have possibly them or yourself share your present
area from Messages on iPhone and iPad, impart their area to you from the
“Find Friends” application that is preinstalled on each iPhone, or
from the Maps application on a Mac. Hold up a minute or two and the area data
will appear in the Find My Friends gadget in Mac OS X, which you can then tap
on to see a guide or other data about the person area.
is helpful for some reasons, yet it’s maybe best as a device for folks to
monitor their children area, since you can give a fast look to the gadget on a
Mac and have a thought of where they are, whether it’s school, a recreation
center, companions house, or any place else they go.
the off chance that you have more than five contacts offering their area to
you, click on the “Show More” catch in the gadget to see them in Find
My Friends.

Connecting with Find My Friends on Mac OS X

spite of being a little gadget in Notification Center, the Find My Friends
gadget is intelligent. Here are a few things you can do inside the gadget:
ü Show map
with the persons current area – clicks their name
ü Show
Contacts card for the individual – click on their photo
ü Explore
inside the guide – snap and delay the map in the wake of demonstrating their
ü Zoom in on
the map area – double tap on the map
ü Zoom out of
the map area – choice/ALT click on the map
ü Open the
person area inside the Maps application – double tap the person picture

is a decent little gadget that is profoundly practical, yet it truly merits
it’s own particular committed tab or fragment inside the Maps application of
Mac OS X, where the maps would be less demanding to see and connect with.
Beyond any doubt, you can dispatch into the Maps from the gadget, yet it is
awesome to as of now have inside the application itself, which would be more
traversable than a little Notification Center gadget which is frequently
neglected in any case.

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