How to speed up a Mac hard disk

With general clear outs your Mac can get fundamentally speedier. To restart or not to restart Couple of parts of Macs cause a larger number of contentions than the one about what to do toward the day’s end: close down or rest? The old argument of leaving a PC on however much as could be […]


How to uninstall a software application from Mac OS X

Here’s the easy method to uninstall or delete a software or application from Mac. In case you’re perusing this page about how to uninstall an application from your Mac, odds are you posed a question about how to uninstall an application in Apple Mac OS X since you’re maybe more familiar with utilizing a PC


How to take screenshots On Mac

Here’s the method to take screenshots on a Mac. Print screen, screengrab, screen picture or screen capture – whatever you need to call it, we demonstrate to capture a picture of whatever’s on your Mac’s screen and spare it as an editable record. Taking a screenshot is far less demanding on Mac than on PC


How to Format a Storage Drive for Mac

We expound how to format a storage drive in your Mac. Here Step by step instruction to a formatting storage drive in Mac. There is a wide range of reasons why you might need to format a storage drive for your Mac – from cleaning it up for a new install of OS X to

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How to Secure your jailbroken device (iPhone and iPad)

You have jailbroken your iOS gadget – congrats! Appreciate exploring different avenues regarding the different changes and applications accessible through the Cydia repository. Be that as it may, before you escape, we encourage you to find a way to secure your device. All iPhones have a “root” superuser introduced as a matter of course, which

iPad, iPhone

How to jailbreak an iPhone/iPad in iOS 9

Apple has released iOS 9.1 which conveys the News application to UK users, alongside a large group of new emoji. Tragically, it additionally obstructs the vulnerabilities utilized by the Pangu group to jailbreak iOS 9 devices, so in case you’re jailbroken at this moment/considering jailbreaking your gadget, abstain from downloading iOS 9.1 or later. Just


How to print from iPad or iPhone

Here’s the method to print from your iPad or iPhone wireless to virtually and purposes any printer, utilizing AirPrint or an outsider application. In what capacity would I be able to print wirelessly from my iPhone and iPad? Do I have to utilize AirPrint? Need to print from your iPad or iPhone without getting your


How to use Galaxy Note 5 themes

You can utilize Galaxy Note 5 themes to alter your Galaxy Note 5 and give you an absolutely new Galaxy Note 5. This technique will shows to you proper methodologies to utilize Galaxy Note 5 themes. Most Android phones accompany merchant’s one of a kind Android skin so you can without much of a stretch


How to use scroll capture in Galaxy Note 5

Scroll capture on Galaxy Note 5 gives you a chance to take 1 screenshot that incorporates numerous screen. In 1 screenshot,  can cover an entire site page or different contents that can’t be fitted with one Galaxy Note 5 screen. This Galaxy Note 5 guide demonstrates to you best practices to utilize Galaxy Note 5

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